Return of the Retarded

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Friday, July 21, 2006

An Apology (of sorts)

There are some basic elements of the human animal condition that will reappear in any setting. One is our tendency to follow the crowd so that we can feel included. We want to get the inside joke. Another is our willingness to ignore the negative about following the crowd so that the first tendency doesn't create some good ole cognitive dissonance. This site's aim is not to make a certain blogger stop writing, or just to poke fun, it is to point out that this particular emperor has no brain. To be sure, Ed gives us all something that keeps us coming back, but it's not quality of thought. This site intends to figure out what it is.

So, no. We don't want Ed to shut up, though we wish he would lighten up on the psycho-sexual issues that makes us think he thinks he's not revealing anything but is just being funny, when in fact, he reveals a near-misogyny that develops only from delusion and chronic masturbation.

In some ways we really like Ed. He's plugged in. He's constantly generating fresh content. It appears that he's played a role in getting people excited about books in an era when everyone else assumes no one reads at all. Whether those excited people coming to watch the train wrecks in his posts are actually reading books is another question.

What we want is Ed to think a little more. To stop treating the literary world like a soap opera for which he is one of the narrators. To stop pretending that the idea of a book's quality is a piece of ground to be squabbled over. To stop pretending that he is the vanguard that will replace the mainstream media which he so desperately relies on for his material. To stop using the fucking word "jejune."

We won't apologize for playing the boy in the street pointing at the empty-headed emperor. We know you will accuse us of "having nothing better to do" or of "being jealous." But we will only turn this back on you. Did you read the "In Defense of William Vollman" post he published? Did you, really? The whole thing? Did you know what the fuck he was talking about? Did you suspect the trouble was with you or with Ed? Do you get embarrassed for him when he links to Kung-fu porn or talks about defending Amanda Congdon with his cock?

We did. And it's time someone said something. So here we go.